Data Science

I am currently a research scientist at Uber, Singapore. I was previously a data scientist at

Women Who Code

Panel: How to prepare for a talk

Women Who Code

Yo dawg, I heard you like tech talks, so here's us talking about how to prepare for a tech talk at a talk for women in tech.

Strata Data 2017 - Singapore

Turning Fails into Wins


At Strata Data Conference 2017, I gave a talk on how to create a culture of experimentation that celebrates failure and encourages the reporting of null results. [slides]

DigitasLBi NewFront 2017 - Singapore

Why we will not bow to our Computer Overlords (just yet)


As keynote speaker at DigitasLBi Newfront Singapore 2017, I spoke about the effects of AI on the role of human intelligence

Rent price by MRT

Which MRTs are the cheapest to live close to?


Rent price data was taken from URA and HDB. The nearest MRT station was found for each property, following which the average ppsf was calculated for each MRT station. For more details on generating the map with MRT stations, see this!

Pycon 2016

Creating Map Visualizations with Open Data and Folium


I presented on map visualizations (and a little on xgboost) at Pycon 2016


I received my PhD in Psychology at Stanford in 2014. Even though I left academia, the science of emotion, motivation, and decision-making is still a topic I love.


Open Source Projects


A python package that handles standard preprocessing of your pandas dataframe (one-hot encoding etc) before generating xgboost model results



Sci Fi

I have 5 publications in Nature...'s sci-fi column, Futures


Misc projects

Refined Carbohydrates

Sometimes I draw stuff with the Intuos my sister gave me.

PhD women

A range of swag I designed for your lady friends who completed PhDs solely to conceal their marital status
PhD women graduation gifts

Mr Nice Guy McTiger (and friends)

All resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

PhD: the Game

Benj and I made this in grad school... it was more fun than actual grad school.