This is a run-through of how I designed my secondary coil. The lower end of the secondary coil becomes negative, pulling down the voltage at the base. A generous amount of filter capacitance was added on the logic bus. Part of the inspiration for the project came about when a friend of mine threw out a spoilt computer power supply unit. Tesla coil is extremely dangerous device!

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Operating frequency gesla be tuned in range of – kHz. Above is a photo of my completed GDT. To solve [1], I added a second layer of insulation using an acrylic form.


If I solid state tesla coil to put it in again, I’d put it before the inverters directly on the output of the CT instead. The driver circuit you use should be sufficient if circuit and PCB designed properly. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Basically, line voltage is rectified and sometimes filtered to get a DC power supply of solid state tesla coil few hundred volts.

Finally, acrylic discs were cut and glued together to form endcaps, which were then affixed to the secondary coil with two small screws per cap. This means a current of 0.

For much more videos and images of the coil in action, please scroll down to Results! This simplifies the control of the coil. Solid state tesla coil coil is extremely dangerous device! We would like the gate to be turned on as quickly as possible.


Solid State Tesla Coils, in their solid state tesla coil stage see my “Old Projects” were basically just a power amplifier driving a secondary tfsla at resonance. After first-light, usually a bit of tuning will need to be done, but the fact that the coil makes sparks is generally a good indicator that the main components are working correctly.

The diode protects the transistor base from too large resla voltage spikes. An additional under-voltage lock-out is employed for safety but could be omitted.

This produces few hot and thick sparks. I will explain these through solid state tesla coil design of an actual SSTC. Hence, the coil is self-tuning. I would be happy in helping you to find the answer rather than solid state tesla coil it for you. How I think it may work The resistor and led form voltage divider for the base. The lower end of the secondary coil becomes negative, pulling down the voltage at the base. This turned out beautifully and the label is attached to the box via two brass screws.

Which I recommend on the instructable. Here, it just about makes 2. This method represents the easiest and most convenient way and is what my SSTC 1 uses. This puts the coil out-of-tune.

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How to build a Solid State Tesla Coil | SSTC 2 by Loneoceans Labs

The advantages of opto-isolators include precise control and minimal signal interference, but require solid state tesla coil teslaa and complexity. To solve this problem, I have used a PCB with a laminated bus structure for my half-bridge. Here you can see how the layout looks like inside the power-supply box. This topload ocil usually small, on the order of pF – can be calculated and secondary coil in series form an L inductor C Capacitor circuit with a resonant frequency described by:.

By varying the resistors connected, one can vary the pulse-width and solid state tesla coil frequency.

solid state tesla coil Finally, the above photos shows the coil in action around light bulbs – wireless energy is transmitted! Back to main page c Stahe Guangyan Contact: When I began building SSTCs a few years years ago, I found it difficult to find information on how to build one, and what to look out for. And as a reward of reading till here, here’s the schematic for the entire SSTC 2 for your reference!