Who of aren’t interested in a little extra speed after all? I would say so. A really useful utility for overclockers who want to maintain the life of their CPU. Additionally the Vcore, or Voltage to the processor, can be tweaked if you feel the constant crashing of an overclocked system is due to “not enough juice. It allows one to boot an OS from various media:. The KK motherboard from Iwill continues a long standing tradition of providing overclocking friendly solutions. The next steps may involve a little bit of hardware.

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Iwill BIOS Updates downloads for your motherboard • Wim’s BIOS

So please add the following node the italic lines to the “device tree” of the mainboard’s Config. Websites you may also like: See here for more info.

Well, etherboot also supports SATA. FILO is filling the gap. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. This is probably the most iwipl E-based iwll on the market today.

Etherboot is an independent open source project. FILO sounds like lilo. Curiously only two out of the four fans seem to be supported for RPM monitoring. Do you remember the configuration chapter where we reduced the size of the coreboot.


Amazingly, the instruction manual gives some pretty good descriptions albeit short about each of these settings, but the Cycle Length CAS setting will be of the most interest – it can be changed between 2 and 3. Of course a board like this would certainly suit general purpose as well as business users perfectly.

The next steps may involve a lwill bit of hardware. In LB you can choose between two options:. I would say so. Add the following lines to your Config. Actually this was quite a hack and should not be repeated.

Help! need Iwill kk266 plus manual/BIOS

On the motherboard itself are two small green LED’s, one is to designate that the system is receiving power and the other denotes DIMM power reception.

Once your System is up and running you can choose between one or the other by using a dip switch.

Views Read View source View history. Current students and faculty of accredited Universities may use Frostytech images in research papers and thesis, provided each image is attributed. It is fully 32 bit and needs no BIOS callbacks like grub or lilo do.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Normally you should not change the mainboard config because mainboards do not change that often. Conclusion Features, features and more features. Before one can access the VGA device it has to be initialized.


Iwill P4GS PCSTATS Review – Inside the IWill P4GS BIOS

Though the default CAS latency value is 3, you can attempt to tweak it and lower wiill to 2. This is because an earlier modified FILO version was integrated into etherboot.

Unfortunately, coreboot is not providing a native 16 bit callback layer any more. This means you have to find out which driver family is supporting your specific device. In addition, the CPU temperature is read from its on die thermal diode instead of a thermistor.

There have already been discussions on the mailing list about that topic. Retrieved from ” iwilp Iwill KK Motherboard Review. The KK motherboard from Iwill continues a long standing tradition of providing overclocking friendly solutions.

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