Therefore you will never be far away from your faculty. We will do our best to meet your accommodation preferences, but unfortunately cannot offer any guarantees. This access point is only available in the Snellius building. WiFi You can choose at least three access points for wireless access. Our Point-to-point and point to multipoint fixed wireless networks have been commonly deployed to offer high-speed dedicated links between high-density nodes in a network. A webmail Outlook interface is available.

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All current students and staff have an ULCN account which provides access to most university services. Buildings can be connected to your existing network infrastructure from over one mile away. There are a limited number of apartments for couples available via the university Housing Office.

Home Menu Search and select a study programme Student website Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions Frequently Asked W,an What costs do I have to pay, and when, if I request housing via the university?

Password can be obtained by asking a fellow student or staff member. Contact the ICT coordinator institute manager to get your choice executed.

List of Wi-Fi Chipset Vendors

A few tips for using Converis:. You obtain this account upon registration as a student or upon employment as staff. The acceleration of enterprise adoption of WLAN technology is radically transforming dlan operations, the network edge, data centers, and centralized IT control. The university does not offer accommodation for families. All wln this infrastructure investment is lost when relocating due to growth or changing office size.


Will I be allocated housing via the university in Leiden or The Hague?

WLANs are now business-critical. How and when should I arrange my student housing? Priority is given to couples who are both international students of Leiden University.

End users are wlam the freedom and flexibility of wireless connectivity, and business executives are recognizing the competitive advantage of business-critical mobile applications. You can’t get that level of service from any nationwide or local telco. The server can also be accessed via SSH.

For a full itinerary of what will be provided in your accommodation, please refer to the information on each housing complex on our Accommodation page. We advise you to begin arranging housing as soon as you start your application to the university. LMDS is a broadband wireless point-to-multi point communication system operating above 20 GHz depending on country of licensing that can be used to provide digital two-way voice, data, Internet, and video services.

To request accommodation via Leiden University Housing Office you are required to make the following payments:. How and when is accommodation allocated by the Housing Office?

ICT services – LIACS – Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

Printer names correspond to room numbers. Unlike past technology advancements that were driven by technology professionals, the explosion of enterprise WLANs is being driven by mobile users, traveling executives, wireless applications, and advanced wlsn like voice over IP VoIP over Wi-Fi.


Students can for example use printers near and Training Info Sec Training. How much rent will I pay for housing in Leiden and The Hague?

The investment that a company makes in cabling infrastructure to connect workstations servers and printers can be significant. This website uses cookies.

Frequently asked questions – Leiden University

On your housing application form you can indicate whether you wish to be housed in Leiden or The Hague. It serves at least all printers in the Snellius waln and Campus The Hague.

For advice and wpan please visit our ‘Finding housing yourself’ webpage. The Housing Office will begin allocating accommodation once the housing deadline has passed. Under Windows, there is a limit of 30GB per user. Does Leiden University offer a partial tuition fee waiver? This leads to rapid recovery and can aid in realizing your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.