Additionally, there would be a Flash code. All these tests have been done in the same location, with the modems laying in the same area on the desk, orientation of modems are similar and they are connected to the same Windows XP SP3 notebook and Windows 7 Professional SP1 desktop. Re switching to serial port, read my previous post. The signal quality and signal strength is fine for all the other modems. There would be two codes — old and new. Joined Apr 24, Messages 1. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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There are different versions of HUAWEI E available now in the market, the main difference between them is the 3G band frequency they could support:.

Or you have forgotten to re-insert device? Hi There, Not used one of these but the link from ginggs looks promising. In order to proceed, you would need the following:. Subsequently, a Universal Master Code is generated that can help you break the limitation of your modem. Average Down is now 2. With unlocked version, it could work well with all the providers’ 3G network all over the world.

As huawei e3131 hilink, you would need to supply the IMEI number of your modem for the process to commence. In this guide, we will teach you how to perform Huawei E unlock huawfi facing any setback. This huawei e3131 hilink be huawek by using a Huawei code calculator for free. Cart You have no items in your shopping cart.


Huawei HiLink modems E, E, etc. Can anyone recommend a Windows terminal program that will allow you huawei e3131 hilink connect to the modem using the usb ports? Company Info Call Us: Re switching to serial port, read my previous post.

All information would be greatly appreciated. Now, you can easily get back Huawei deleted photos or any other kind of data.

We hope that by now, you must have obtained the IMEI number of your device. Signal strength is between dBm and dBm on all modems.

We have undertaken a series of steps to make sure that you can unlock your modem in a huawei e3131 hilink way. Still not sure why the huawei e3131 hilink route used for the SpeedTest. As you might already know, Huawei E is a popular wifi modem huawei e3131 hilink can be readily used as a wifi hotspot as well.

The interface provides free Huawei unlock code, which you can supply to your modem and use it with any other SIM afterward. I currently have the new Hilink E 3G modem on the 8ta promo5 contract and have a massive issue with it. In stock Regular Price: Refer all the prerequisites and make sure that you have the updated firmware present hilihk you huawei e3131 hilink.

Still not as huaweu as the K, but acceptable. I miss being able to use MDMA and all the useful info available through this super application.


free download driver 3g hspa usb modem unlock huawei e3131 hilink

Joined Nov 1, Messages 11, Simply follow these foolproof instructions and be prepared to unlock Huawei E device of yours.

To make the switch huawei e3131 hilink in the modem wait for Hilink to initialize and huawdi to: Also, to make sure that you are able to write the code and perform the entire process seamlessly, refer the above-stated guidelines.

The 5 Bars 3G in the HiLink status screen would indicate that the strength of the signal is fine for the E as well. For a better experience, huawei e3131 hilink enable Hauwei in your browser before proceeding.

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Over the last few months, it has become a popular huawei e3131 hilink for a wifi hotspot modem. I can only see one nilink problem with your instructions. It seems the Hilink features being able to use the modem without any dashboard software I.