How does it stand up to the mighty AMD G chipset? Yesterday we gave you our views on the best games of the year and today we review what’s happened in the technology industry over the last twelve months. Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. Which, frankly, is fine given that the board already has pretty much all you’ll ever need. With 40 stream processors and the capability to pump four pixels per cycle, on paper it’s comfortably the most powerful integrated 3D graphics core yet. Especially if pricing is a sensitive issue for you.

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Granted, the integrated Radeon HD core is the best of its kind, but it still can’t cope with modern PC games even at modest resolutions like x pixels. AMD’s earlier G proved popular with HTPC and low-power PC enthusiasts thanks to its excellent performance-per-watt ratio, and the G is designed to keep that feather in its cap while simultaneously exceeding its predecessor’s performance.

780G Drivers & Support

Written by Richard Swinburne. All tests were run three times, and their results were averaged.

Blu-ray and a revolutionary leap in integrated graphics performance are just some of the bullish claims Wmd has been making for the new platform. Quiet, compact and yet extremely capable. Skip to main content Introduction Integrated chipsets may not be particularly exciting from a hardcore enthusiast perspective, but they’re the bedrock components that both AMD and Intel depend on when building an attractive platform.

Interested in expanding your TV, film or media consumption to an all capable home theatre PC? We get to grips with the alpha, to see if it has the potential to be the media centre we’re looking for. We take the potentially popular budget and HTPC platform and give it a work through to see if Zotac can make motherboards vidfo as well as graphics cards. Check out our latest buyer’s guide to see what the bit-tech team recommends – from ultra tiny mini-ITX, to gaming HD behemoth!


In line with the latest Radeon HD series discrete graphics cards, the chipset is also built on a 55nm CMOS process, down from the 80nm the G used — this helps to reduce its power use from 1. The core clock for its shaders however remains the same at MHz and features like CrossFireX and HyperTransport 3 will be supported like its predecessor.

To fill out our G35 Express board, we have a dual-core Pentium E that costs about as much as the e should when it touches down on store shelves. When enabled, Hybrid Graphics links the IGP with the discrete card and shares the rendering load between them. As you’d hope for an HTPC-centric board, it’s entirely passively cooled and hence essentially silent. Indeed we do, it’s a superb cut-price HTPC solution which we highly recommend. The layout of AMD’s new design is shown below.

Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. Processor Intel Pentium E 2. Then again, AMD seemed pretty damn confident about the Phenom quad-core processor in the lead up to launch late last year.

Despite that, it boasts a healthy 2.

AMD Radeon HD / G Review – Phoronix

We’ve got the low down on exactly what AMD’s new “performance-leading” integrated graphics northbridge offers, in addition to its latest southbridge which is 7880g primed for some super-overclocking. All the tests and methods we employed are publicly available and reproducible.


The following motherboards were tested: Onboard, dedicated graphics memory has been available for over a decade, but OEMs typically avoid the option in order to save money. The Display Cache chip in the image isn’t actually a new feature; it simply refers to an onboard frame buffer.

It really does look like the killer home theatre solution we’ve been waiting for. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Thanks to OCZ for providing these units for our use in testing. At idle the entire platform – chipset, graphics core, CPU, memory, the lot – consumes just 53 Watts. IGPs will die-out bysay researchers.

Ivdeo returns to the stock market after six years. While the G featured a rebranded X graphics core with Shader Model 2.

AMD’s G integrated graphics chipset |

The G supports a 1. Is it worth xmd upgrade from G and how does it compare to a discrete HD ? As far as new features go, however, that’s it.